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This is a pre-order!

BUNDLE DEAL ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL 15th MARCH! This shirt design is exclusive and limited and only available with the bundle deal!

The album will be released on 14/4/2023

CD version includes a bonus track which is not included on the vinyl.

Splatter and half/half vinyl are limited to 500 each.

Please note that if you order other items from our shop, everything will get shipped together once the last item is in stock.



1. Inauguration Of Lucifer

2. Satanic Age

3. Psychic Vampires

4. Cunt Of Destruction

5. Black Axe

6. I Wanted Everything

7. Censorshipped


Side B

1. Purgatory Souls

2. Hard Luck Mary

3. Live Another Day

4. Naked City

5. The Life You Dread

6. Till Death


CD Bonus Track: Baby Outlaw

Satanic Age Bundle #1: Raglan + Vinyl (colour of your choice) or CD

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